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Why Should You Use A Neutriderm’s Skin Whitening Cream?


Skin brightening creams are mainly used to keep your skin fresh and away from any damage done by harmful UV rays of the sun, pollution, and other factors. From enlarged pores on our skin to severe weather conditions including dangerous sun radiance, these can all incite dry, dull, and flawed skin. Neutriderm’s skin whitening cream not only brightens your skin, but provides hydration, and targets dark spots and pigmentation, thus giving you spotless, glowing skin!

However, when it comes to skincare products, a careful choice must be made to avoid any allergies and side effects in the longer run. Many people complain of rashes, irritation, pigmentation, etc., due to the application of products, either not meant for their skin or which have ingredients they were allergic to. Hence, it is essential to have an insightful look into the product’s composition before applying it to your skin. In general, you must always do a swatch test before including any skin product in your skincare routine.

In a swatch test, you take a small quantity of the product and apply it to a small portion of your skin, anywhere other than the face, ideally, thighs or wrist. You put the product on for around 7-8 hours and wait. If there are any appearances of visible symptoms of allergies, redness, irritation, or if you feel any discomfort from the product, you must avoid using that product on your face. The face is a sensitive part of your body and has delicate skin exposed to almost everything throughout the day. Therefore, the choice of the products is always crucial.

With skin brightening and lightening creams, the basic idea is the formula behind the product, which helps cure pigmentation and other spots. It helps lighten and tighten your skin. With multiple options available in the market, it is daunting to find out the best one for you. Here is one of the dermatologically recommended skin whitening creams by Neutriderm UAE.


The Skin whitening Cream regulates melanin build-up, a major cause of dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the face. The cream hinders the development of 88% tyrosinase production and hydrates the skin at the same time. It helps restore the original skin color and tone while also giving it an astonishingly soft and smooth texture.

The best part about the cream is the paraben-free formulation without any steroids or hydroquinone. This characteristic helps in managing hyperpigmentation and also makes it suitable for delicate skin. It improves hydration of the skin, diminishes dark spot range and color intensity, reconstructs the natural skin color, and provides softness to the skin.

Why is it recommended?

The harmful pollution and stress hampering the natural skin progress every day create problems for the skin. These issues lead to signs of aging, unhealthy skin growth, and damaged innate skin cells. Neutriderm, being a harmless formulation with no toxic chemicals involved, ensures that your skin’s originality is restored and maintained despite your regular schedules.


Apart from several other ingredients, the most beneficial and essential elements are the two mentioned below:-

  • Tetrahydrocurcum
  • Tetrahydropiperine

Tetrahydropiperine is a derivative of piperine, an alkaloid found in black pepper and long pepper. This element helps control any allergies or infections and provides a soothing effect to your cells.

Tetrahydrocurcum is an antioxidant utilized in cosmetic treatments and has the capability to quench free radicals on the skin’s surface efficiently.

Hence, these ingredients make the Neutriderm skin whitening cream stand out.

Directions for use:-

  • Clean your face. Ideally, you may opt for the Neutriderm hydra cleanser for better results. However, you may opt for other cleansers of your choice. 
  • After rinsing your face, pat your face with a soft cloth to dry.
  • Use it on your thighs or wrist if you wish to do a swatch test.
  • Take a small amount of the cream and apply it to your skin.
  • Continue massaging it until it is completely absorbed.
  • Avoid immediate contact with sensitive parts like the eyes.
  • If you plan on stepping out in the sun, make sure to apply sunscreen.


Still not able to decide if it is the right choice for you? Experts at Youth & Age have enlisted the highlights of the products in terms of benefits.

  • The cream rejuvenates your skin’s natural development and keeps it smooth and supple. 
  • It hinders the generation of excess melanin.
  • Skin’s absorption of the cream is instant.
  • An adequate amount of hydrating agents helps maintain a healthy moisture balance on your skin. 
  • It is suitable for delicate skin.


While Skin Whitening Cream from Neutriderm usually won’t generate any side effects, however, there is always a slight chance that the product may not suit your skin. If you feel any effects such as skin inflammation, hypersensitivity, dry skin, redness, or any other allergic effects, consult your dermatologist immediately. Here are a few precautions in general to avoid any such issues:-

  • Always apply an adequate amount of the Skin Whitening Cream as directed or insisted by your dermatologist.
  • Do a swatch test on your thighs or wrist.
  • Check for any allergies that you may have from any of its ingredients.
  • Ensure you use a soap-free cleanser before the application. 
  • If you wish to apply makeup or sunscreen, wait for at least 10 minutes after applying the Neutriderm Skin Whitening cream.

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