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Best Ways To Use Dermadoctor Skin Care Products


We all wish to be beautiful inside-out. Most of us also implement heavy skincare and hair care treatments to maintain our healthy appearance. While our skins do not define us, it radiates our confidence; in a world full of damages, where pollution and stress levels are rising every day, it is evident that natural skin cell development is hindered. This hindrance also incites early signs of aging, including dull skin, hair fall, etc. In general, a woman consumes a lot of time on her hair and skin. This involves curling, coaxing, brushing, and willing hair into a charming style. Apart from just the hair, women, on average, spend 15 minutes to 1 hour per day on their skincare based on the way they plan it. The longer the duration, the more products used. However, most of the results are not highly satisfactory, which is very unusual and disappointing despite the investment made.

Surprisingly, both dermatologists and trichologists admit that all skin and hair care can be accomplished by sticking to the basics and setting up a regular maintenance regime. They agree mutually that the selection of the products is highly crucial. The choice of the best productsis entirely based on what skin problems you are looking to target and the product’s suitability for your skin.

For sensitive skin, experts at Youth & Age have curated a list of several skincare products and what their appearance on your regime should look like with the best products from Dermadoctor.


Cleanser: Cleansers are a must, and you can never do without them. Even if you are a busy woman with absolutely no time for your skincare, you mustn’t skip the cleansing of your face. You must always wash your face once or twice daily. If you have oily skin and expose your skin often to external damages, you should try doing it more frequently. Those having oily or combination skin types may stick to morning and night (twice a day) washing, while those with dry skin may reduce it to once per day (at night, preferably). Use a gentle but thorough cleaning to remove dirt and oil without removing moisture.

Serum: You may feel like this is unnecessary, but this small addition of a few seconds will give you surprising results. The serums help to target specific skin issues and help tackle them without fail. Dermadoctor Kakadu C Serum is an anti-aging, high potency, light-weight serum that focuses on the restoration of your healthy skin cells and controls any damage.

Moisturizer: Moisturizers ensure that your skin is appropriately hydrated and doesn’t require any additional supplements to provide healthy development and maintenance. All skin types demand a daily application of moisturizers to stay soft, hydrated, and supple. Try Dermadoctor Kakadu C Face Creme that is suitable for all skin types. Apply it once or twice daily based on the moisture requirement of your skin.

SPF: The skin requires SPF protection from the sun’s UV rays every single day, even if you are staying at home. This step will ensure that you don’t get any damages, tanning, spots, pigmentation, and rashes due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Mask: While a mask is usually preferred to get some me-time, it has intense revival benefits for the skin. You may use specific masks for varied purposes once or twice a week and see the results yourself. Dermadoctor Kakadu C Amethyst Clay Mask is best for soaking up dirtiness and detoxifying without eliminating natural oils, while Dermadoctor’s Sulfur Acne Mask dries up and clears acne blemishes averting the growth of blackheads and impurities.

Exfoliator: You may be tempted to exfoliate your skin daily for the best results, but exfoliation works best every week. The reason being over-exfoliation may damage your underlying skin. Overuse of exfoliators tends to be severe on the skin, leading to redness and irritation rather than providing you smooth skin. Again, opt for a scrub that satisfies your requirements. Dermadoctor KP Duty body scrub is a highly recommended option for those suffering from chicken skin or psoriasis. Also, Dermadoctor Physical Chemistry Microdermabrasion + Multiacid Chemical Peel gives the best at home face exfoliation. Both exfoliators will help shed dead skin. Make sure to moisturize after exfoliating your face and body as it is the best time to lock the moisture in.

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