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5 Must-Have Skin Care Products For Summer


Summer is always brutal on the skin, especially if you are a working person. With summertime arises tanning, sun damage, pigmentation, dryness, and patches. On the one hand, summer brings benefits of natural Vitamin D from the sun and helps cut down infections, but it also causes skin burns and rashes. With the heat surging outside, it is challenging to keep your skin fresh and radiant every hour. However, there are several summer benefits for you. It assists in stimulating the immune system. Soaking in sunlight or a sunbath also empowers you to feel good, making it more comfortable concentrating on the assertive side of life and helps fight depression. Let’s not overlook that getting tanned boosts self-esteem and is a joy for many of us. Before you identify what skincare regimen is best suited for summertime, it is essential to know how the summer season affects your skin.

Effects of Summer on your skin:

As the climate gets hotter and humidity rises in the atmosphere, the skin’s sebaceous glands begin creating excess sebum (essential oil). The oil emitted sticks on the skin’s surface, giving rise to dampness, oil, and barred pores, which hinders the natural skin breathing process.

You will mostly find acne breakouts and pimple appearances in summer. This issue occurs mainly in people with oily skin as they get their pores clogged, and hence the acne develops below the skin and reaches the surface.

As soon as harmful UV rays reach your skin and start to react with your skin cells, melanin generation increases to shield your natural skin from sun harm. Melanin is known to possess photoprotective properties. However, the excess melanin leads to darker and tanned skin. Several other predicaments include itchy skin, sunburn, prickly heat, and rash due to the response to the sun’s heat.

Now, after understanding the damage, we need to look up solutions. The good news is you just have to spend a little time taking care of your skin throughout the day. The bare minimum is 15 minutes which you can easily sneak from your hectic schedules. Here are the essential products which will help you protect your skin during summer.

5 must-have skincare products for summer:

(1) Face Wash to Remove Excess Oil:

Face washes or cleansers are essential as they help fight the most critical issue, excess oil generation on your skin’s surface. A good cleanser will help unclog the pores and contains ingredients to remove the dirt and other particles gathered over your skin throughout the day, giving it space to breathe naturally. Dermadoctor’s Ain’t Misbehavin Cleanser and Dermadoctor Kakadu C Cleanser are verified by experts to provide naturally fresh yet glowing skin. It is always advisable to use soap-free cleansers.

(2) An oil-free light-weight hydrating moisturizer:

As essential as it is to get rid of excessive oil, hydration is equally important. Facial cleansers may leave your skin dry. Also, pollution and other climate factors consume the natural skin moisture, creating dehydration of skin cells, making your skin look dull and pale. This dullness then leads to different problems, one of them being the visibility of aging signs. An oil-free light-weight hydrating moisturizer like Dermadoctor Kakadu C Face Creme n can help combat skin aging and other damages.

(3) Sunscreen:

Even an amateur in beauty products knows that sunscreen is an essential aspect of skincare during summer when the sun is at its peak. Ideally, dermatologists recommend sunscreens with SPF 30 or above. Sunstop products are highly effective in sun-blockage and keeping your skin cool and calm, reducing the damage. Sunstop SPF 30+ sunscreen contains filters that absorb radiation and generate an anti-oxidative effect that dismisses the harmful consequences. The other variant Sunstop SPF 50+ sunscreen is a moisturizing photo protector. It provides epidermal and dermal photo-protection for more extended periods. Both of these guards sensitive and light skin against the impacts of UVB and UVA rays. The best part about these is they are sweatproof and waterproof.

(4) Masks for complete rejuvenation:

You can additionally opt for masks, whether sheet masks or clay-based masks, to help detoxify your skin. Based on specific requirements, you can opt for varied face masks. If you prefer sheet masks, then BENTON Aloe Soothing Mask is perfect for summers providing a cooling, soothing effect in the heat with the aloe vera.

(5) Toners and Serums:

They may seem optional to many, but both can help a lot and give you astonishing results. You can add toner to keep your skin complexion even and add serums targeted to combat your skin issues.

Even when summer is around the corner, nothing can stop your confident and radiant skin from glowing. A little investment in your skin is all you need. Get ready for the summer before it gets ready to roast you!

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