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5 Amazing Facts About Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion That You Should Know


While everyone desires voluminous, thick, and healthy hair, all they manage to get is hair fall. If you also noticed your hair thinning, maybe it’s about time that you do something about it. Continuous hair loss can make your hair look visibly thinner; therefore, you need something that can control hair fall. Of course, all good things take time, but we got something effective and faster than other treatments. Neutriderm hair enhancer lotion will always come to your rescue. Certainly, it is one of the best products to include in your hair care regimen. 

This hair enhancer lotion would be a great basic treatment at an early stage of hair fall. If you waste any more time and ignore the hair fall, it will only get worse, leading to thinner hair parting. A lotion can prove to be a good supplement to nourish your hair from the roots and keep the mane healthy. You may surely consider using it as a standalone treatment along with a hair fall protect shampoo. 

How Does The Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion Work? 

The hair enhancer lotion by Neutriderm ensures a longer growth phase for the hairs. This is about making them stronger and less prone to falling out. More hair could grow at the same time, increasing the overall volume and quality. In case of hereditary loss, the lotion protects the hair follicles from any harmful influence of DHT from hormones. 

Alopecia Androgenetica or hereditary hair loss is common among men. It is caused when testosterone converts to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It is understandable that DHT is one of the biggest enemies of healthy hair. It shrivels up hair follicles, and then the hair can no longer grow from those follicles. Dealing with these issues becomes easier with Neutriderm’s hair enhancer lotion.  

What Makes The Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion Special? 

The hair enhancer lotion by Neutriderm is designed specially to liberate people with weak, fragile, and damaged hair. It is a mixture of Biotin, Serenoa Serrulate Fruit Extract, Zinc gluconate, Tocopheryl acetate, and Mulberry root extract. This lotion will help you recover the vigor and volume of your hair. It strengthens and nourishes damaged hair to ensure better growth for them. It’s one of the best treatments to protect hair follicles and prevent hair loss without having to worry too much about it. This hair enhancer lotion can be applied to rough, thinning, or medium hair.  

Here are some of the qualities that make this lotion exceptional: 

1. DHT Blocking 

High levels of androgens in males, including DHT, could result in shrinking hair follicles. Shrinking hair follicles means disrupted hair growth. This may cause the hair to become brittle and thinner. Such hairs fall out faster, leading to more hair fall. Also, it takes longer for new hairs to grow from shrinking follicles. The hair enhancer lotion helps in blocking DHT to ensure that new hairs grow faster and the existing ones get better nutrition and become strong.  

2. Fosters Hair Growth 

This lotion ensures a longer growth phase for the hairs by working on the roots and follicles. It helps them to get proper nutrition and strengthens them, so they are no longer prone to falling off. Meanwhile, more hair can grow from the follicles and subsequently increase the thickness and volume of hair.  

3. SLS And Paraben-Free  

Being sulfate and paraben-free, the hair enhancer lotion helps in keeping your hairs moisturized and maintain their softness and natural shine. SLS-free products are gentle on your hair and make them less prone to hair fall. Unlike other products, they don’t. Also, you will be able to use it even if you got your hair colored.  

4. 100% Vegan And Cruelty-Free 

This hair enhancer lotion is 100% vegan. So, if you have those special concerns, you don’t need to think twice about using this product. The miraculous formula is prepared from completely natural substances without overloading chemicals or harming any animals for it. 

5. Perfect For Both Men And Women 

The Neutriderm hair enhancer lotion is specially designed to suit the requirements of both men and women. It resolves extreme hair fall due to various hormonal disbalances or hereditary reasons. 

The Ultimate Remedy For Hairfall 

Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients used in it, the hair enhancer lotion by Neutriderm is a perfect remedy for hair fall and lets you gain voluminous, shiny hair. Trying this clinically tested lotion will surely let you flaunt your hair in confidence.

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